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Friday morning 7am:

The ZOO is free today. Edventure is open (was closed due to pumping in parking lot - never flooded) now the parking lot is open. Not saying anything about free.... (they have been taking activities to shelters and communities).

Pretty much all schools are closed, Many state offices are closed.

There will be another press conference live at 11am.

How to Help Children Cope with the Flood Disaster: (I won't be watching and posting the news conference - I'll be at a food drive at Brockman Elementary 11-1. I will be available to parents and grandparents to explain and answer questions as an educator with trauma therapy/recovery background. If you want to talk about what to expect in the next few weeks and how to help yourself, your kids, your parents, neighbors - come to the playground.)

Collection of clothes, toiletries, baby items, towels, clean socks, etc - still being collected at shelters, churches, YMCA locations, and various other places. Lexington library at August Road is collecting donations - including food. Harvest Hope West Cola Location is far less busy than shop road. Both are taking donations (not baby food). they have some program mentioned on WIS to help and have a phone number on their site.

24/7 emotional support hotline for post disaster stress: Call 1-800-985-5990 or text TalkWithUs to 66746 to connect with a trained crisis counselor. (this is operated by SAMHSA - government agency dealing with behavioral and mental health - but is particular to disaster reactions and emotional support)

Beware of fake FEMA people. They are already out. Don't give your social security to someone fake! The real guys know the fakes are out there and won't be mad. A real FEMA person has a badge that looks like a military ID with an ID number and a chip in it. If in doubt, don't work with them. They are at the Lex library and are planning to be at all libraries soon, also have a website and phone number. FEMA has opened two disaster response locations 8am-7pm, Lexington Main road and Irmo library 800-621-3362, disasterassistance.govhave social security number and description of your damage/home.

Richland County Sheriff on 2 notch road is distributing water now.

All volunteer and donation requests can go through 888-585-9643 - richland county.

TTY: If you were hit by floods and use TTY call 800-462-7385

Call red cross for help in disaster relief. 855 - 773-3175 Curfew in place tonight through Sunday night as well.

Red Cross has begun calling people who registered to volunteer. YMCA can use anyone that walks up to a location, they say.

Trash still needs to be put all the way out on the street and separated electronics, chemicals/paint/cleaning materials, appliances, furniture and all. They are working on picking up all these household piles through Saturday and then normal trash pickup on Monday.Remember what a nasty and unthanked job it is - give food, water and thanks to the people on the trucks....

Food collection at Lower Richland Food Lion this morning, then they will distribute out to Garners Ferry apartment complexes

Hot lunch and dinner provided thur to sunday at Word of God Church and Ministries SE 7355 Garners Ferry. call 695-2363 to order meals between 9am and 9pm. Lunch can be picked up at 11am and dinner at 4.

Traffic. PROBLEMS: Garners Ferry from Beltline out (closed between beltline and rosewood, also ft jackson blvd closed - all traffic going on detour down rosewood extension - really slow) Sunset Blvd between 20 and 26 super slow. Farrow at 20. Two Notch out from 77 Several streets downtown including Gervais.

Trenholm Plaza shopping complex - handing out meals between 11-1 today

FIrst Citizens at Fresh Lake Branch offering meals at lunch today. Richland schools offering lunch to children again today for specific schools.

Red Hill Baptist church feeding people today 11-1 & tomorrow 9-1.

Palmetto Health is offering basic first aid and are set up in the lake Katherine community. Free. small wound care, maybe tetanus shots.

Palmetto Health is without water right now but it was PLANNED so that they could clean out their system. They say because it is planned - patient care is not suffering.

There is some sort of shuttle service starting to get people home from Crosshill shopping center at Garners Ferry/Fort Jackson Blvd. I am looking for details. Probably on WIS website.

----WIS website--- Resources/Emergency Information for the Storm: First, people who have emergencies should call 9-1-1. SCEMD 24-hour question line: 1-866-246-0133. State road conditions: 1-855-467-2368 (8:00 a.m -7:00 p.m.) Assistance Hotline: 1-800-621-3352 Want to Donate Your Service? Call Here: 1-888-585-9843 LINK: How to Separate Trash Debris LINK: United Way Website (Getting & receiving help)

LINK: United Way of Sumter (Covers Clarendon, Sumter, and Lee Counties)

CITY continues to say there is no intention to cut water. They hope to get the water potable soon, but do not plan to stop pumping regardless. If you are nervous - get some containers and head over to a water filling station (below) for extra water to boil - and keep your tub filled for future flushing. (change and/use regularly tho - standing water is not great). And we are asked to conserve water while they try to get it working.

---- WACH FOX website ---- WATER: Here is a list of current distribution centers: RICHLAND COUNTY: Lower Richland High School 8-6:30 Friday 3700 Landmark Drive 8-6:30 Friday Eastover Park 8-6:30 Friday Gadsden Community Centr 8-6:30 Friday Bible Way Church on Atlas Road (1pm until supplies last) Cranes Creek Community Gym hot meals being served as well Richland County Sheriff's Department Headquarters Kroeger's in Forest Acres, until supplies last Drew Wellness Center, 2101 Solomon Walker Way Friday, 11-6 COLUMBIA: WAL-Mart on Forest Drive 8-6:30 Friday Midlands Shopping Center 8-6:30 Friday Dutch Square Mall 8-6:30 Friday 1401 Sunset Boulevard 8-6:30 Rosewood Baptist Church - Rosewood Ave. (7:30am - 7pm) Trinity Church - Hallbrook Drive

WATER FILLING STATION IN COLUMBIA (bring your own container - i'm thinking this is NOT drinkable??) Fire Station 4, 446 Spears Creek Church Road 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Fire Station 18, 7401 Fairfield Road 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Fire Station 29, 121 Old Congaree Run 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Fire Station 34, 321 Elders Pond Drive 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Columbia Place Mall, 7201 Two Notch Road 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. 1522 Gladden Street, Near water tower 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Greenview Park, 6700 David Street 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Hyatt Park, 950 Jackson Avenue 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Heathwood Park, 800 Abelia Road 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Southeast Park, 951 Hazelwood Road 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.

boil water advisory info and MAP: Ridgeway, Monetta - boil water alert until further notice.


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